Strike! Character Generator

This is a web technology-based character generator for the Strike! RPG.

You can use it online (everything is on the client - nothing is sent to the server), or download it for your own use; just unzip the file in any folder then open StrikeGen.html with your web browser (assuming it's a decent modern browser, that is).

If you download your own copy, you can add your own backgrounds and origins by altering the files data/backgrounds.json and data/origins.json. They can be changed with any text editor.

Important: Downloaded copies will not work in Chrome or Safari unless you enable "file access to files" in the browser. You can find instructions for doing this online. If you don't do this, all the power texts will show up blank.

Jim McGarva has kindly given permission for the text of all powers from the base book to be distributed with the character generator. Powers from expansions will not show their text. If you own the books, you can add the text for these powers yourself by adding them to data/ Each entry should consist of two at-signs (@@), then the Text Key to tell the generator which power it is (which will appear in the error that the text is missing), then a newline; then the power text written in markdown. Remember that if you add extra power texts to this file, you must not distribute it.

If you feel inclined, you can get the source code or help with the development on GitHub. If you find any bugs, please raise them as Issues on the GitHub page.

If you've never heard of the Strike! RPG, you should probably visit the Strike! Home Page and learn about it, because it's fantastic. Or you could just go right ahead and buy it to download right now.